Why Artifest is your best choice.

Non-fungible token

"Non fungible" means that it is more or less unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. For example, Bitcoin is an alternative-exchange one Bitcoin for another and it will be exactly the same. NFTs can actually be anything digital (for example, downloading drawings, music, brains and converting them to AI), but the current topic is to use technology to sell digital art it revolves around. The introduction of NFTs into games has already reached some maturity, for example trading in-game objects, but in a variety of other industries, especially those involved in the production of digital content such as music and video, technology.

NFTs are blockchain-based data unit that confirms a digital asset's uniqueness and thus non-interchangeability, as well as providing a unique digital certificate of ownership for the NFT. More broadly, an NFT enables the "provenance" of a digital object to be established, providing irrefutable answers to queries such as who owns, formerly owned, and developed the NFT, as well as which of the numerous copies is the original. An NFT can be associated with a variety of digital items, including photographs, movies, and audio. In a variety of applications, such as art, gaming, and sports memorabilia, NFTs are now being utilized to commodify digital things.

NFT research is still limited, focusing primarily on technical aspects such as copyright regulations, components, protocols, standards, and desired properties; new blockchain-based protocols to track physical goods; and the implications of NFTs on the art world in particular because they allow for the sharing of secondary sale royalties with the artist. Empirical studies on market properties have concentrated on a small number of NFT collections, such as CryptoKitties, Cryptopunks, Axie19, SuperRare and Artifest.


Artifest is an NFT market place under the polygon network that strives to bring valuable items such as diamond jewelery, antiques, sculptures, paintings and collectibles from all segments to the platform. This helps all of these rare and unique assets to reach a large audience. To build trust between buyers and sellers, Artifest sets up an escrow account to easily transfer items and their value. This escrow account is monitored by the owner of the Governance Token. This platform, along with the NFTs formed by Artifest, guarantees the physical transfer of NFTs formed by users via escrow services. Artifest opens its platform for an unauthorized list of rare physical items. Experts from around the world will participate to verify the authenticity of antiques and other items on the platform. This platform is unique and actually unleashes the power of real possession to achieve a legitimate position in the blockchain world.


6% Angel Investment

6% IDO 1

6% IDO 2

6% IDO 3

6% IDO 4

6% IDO 5

10% Team

5% Advisor

10% Ecosystem and Development

10% Marketing

12% Staking and Rewards

5% Foundation Treasury

1% Airdrop

4% Reserve

7% liquidity




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